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our Store to collect and process the user of this website to access information to use as statistical and marketing purposes. The user has the right to object to the information for marketing purposes, and can change their personal information; these processes do not need to spend any cost. Collect information about our Store our Store the measures taken in order to protect the user's personal privacy, the reference to the our Store confidentiality policy.


Responsible use and browse the website, if any, risk users. The our Store does not warrant that the software used on this site, and any other services provided by the online application or this website there are no errors, no one can guarantee the use of these services is not failure. our Store expressly disclaims any liability relating to the above content, including accuracy, Prerequisites, of merchantability and special PURPOSE. Although not the intention of the site, but any use of this site, or profits, revenues, indirect, special, consequential, or any form of losses caused as a result of the services provided by this website, our Store not take this responsibility.


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Product Order

The our Store tries to achieve all orders, but does not guarantee that a particular product can be displayed on the website. our Store reserves the right to stop selling any product on this site at any time without notice.


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